OBIUS enables

the full potential of

ERP for Web3


Obius is a blockchain-based ERP software, which contains a symbiosis of traditional enterprise resource planning and crypto technology.

ERP meets Blockchain.

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  • Obius is a blockchain based ERP software which unlocks the full potential of ERP for Web3 companies. Every business finds a place in our all-in-one solution We keep track of every aspect of your workflow. Starting with the invoice, and ending with the goods receipt.
  • Not only traditional businesses can use it Our Crypto Warehouse allows to keep track of every wallet and Smart Contract that is used.
  • Obius is for start-ups and web3 companies the loaner, more agile, faster, cheaper, comprehensive, & lower-risk solution.

As a solution we build an all-in-one blockchain based ERP software, which keeps track of every transaction in the company. Regardless of whether you are selling a physical item or a service, all transactions can be optimally tracked. The transactions are stored in a decentralized manner and guarantee the highest security, while it is significantly more efficient than traditional ERP systems.

To give the Web3 industry the necessary features, we build an additional module for crypto management. The so called Crypto Warehouse®️, which keeps track of all wallets of a company, lets them manage transactions and enables.
Execution of smart contracts for processes like payrolls. Through the Crypto Warehouse®️ companies get access to the benefits of the commodity management industry.
Everything in our software can be done without a server, and with the help of Constellation it is 100% accessible and with 0 fees.
We build everything with web3 in mind to guarantee a symbiosis of features without patchwork.
The extended assistants mode is an AI that keeps track of every error that has been produced by users and suggests correct input and next possible steps.
This solves the problems in the current market and gives our customers a great advantage of the competition.